Safety at the University

The University of Minnesota Duluth campus is like a city within a city. It has its own professional police force, its own building inspectors, and its own environmental health and safety department. It works closely with local law enforcement agencies and state and county law enforcement, as well as with municipal fire departments, to ensure a quick, timely response to emergencies on campus.

The St Louis County Sheriff's Office 911 Emergency Communication Department provides (all day, every day) dispatching services for UMD Police Department and other law enforcement agencies in the area.

In the event of an emergency on campus, the University uses multiple methods to notify the campus community and general public about the nature of the emergency, how to respond, class or event cancellations, and of campus closure.

Those methods include information in the media; on UMD's home page; through SAFE-U Alerts, the U's text message emergency notification system, e-mail, tone-alert radios, and on-the-ground public safety personnel.

During an emergency, our goal is to communicate first with those most immediately impacted.

Together we can make the University safer and ensure that when emergencies or accidents happen their impact is minimized, and we can return to our activities as quickly as possible.