COVID Vaccinations

Despite the ongoing pandemic, our highly vaccinated community, of which more than 90% are vaccinated systemwide, has greatly contributed to keeping our campuses safe. This, along with other prevention efforts, makes possible the in-person classes, events, and social interactions that make our community vibrant and exciting. If you are not yet vaccinated, take steps to Get the Vax today and receive a booster.

In addition to getting vaccinated, staying up-to-date on boosters, and wearing a mask where required, other important steps you can take to protect our community include getting tested and notifying close contacts following a positive test result for COVID-19, washing your hands, and staying home if you are sick.


Report a vaccination Get the Vax

All University of Minnesota students enrolled online or in person (including all undergraduate, graduate, professional, and Post Secondary Enrollment Option who are not employed by the University) must complete this Student COVID-19 Immunization Vaccination Form if they have not done so already to lift the hold on academic records. The form, originally required early in Fall 2021, asks students to submit their vaccination information or submit documentation of a religious or medical exemption. Students can determine if there is a hold on their account at One Stop Student Services.

Students who do not complete the Vaccination Form or an exemption will be out of compliance with the University’s vaccination requirement and prohibited from registering for future classes, including for Spring 2022.  

If you have questions about the student vaccination requirement, please view the FAQ below and the Vaccine FAQ from UMD Health Services or the Get the Vax FAQ.

Faculty and Staff

Report a Vaccination Get The Vax

All University of Minnesota faculty, staff, graduate and undergraduate student workers, adjuncts, professionals in training, residents, and fellows must fill out “Report a Vaccination or Exemption” in the My Info tab in MyU. New employees must fill out the form prior to their first day of work.

Please note that this step is required even if you have previously completed the:

  • University’s vaccine attestation form for employees
  • University’s vaccination exemption form for students. If you are graduate or undergraduate, professionals in training, resident or fellow, who previously submitted a student religious or medical exemption, must also submit an employee exemption.

This is necessary due to changes in government regulations. We realize that this is an additional step given that you already provided some vaccination data, and we appreciate your attention to the requirement.

The form requires you to submit proof of COVID-19 vaccination. Alternatively, you may submit documentation requesting a religious or medical exemption.

Though not required, you may also upload proof of your booster information. 

Vaccine Availability

Multiple vaccines have received Emergency Use Authorization from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and have been shown to be effective at preventing severe illness and hospitalizations due to COVID-19. 

The Minnesota Department of Health is coordinating the vaccination effort in Minnesota. Find the latest information on vaccine data, distribution, and availability on the MN Department of Health COVID-19 vaccine website

UMD Health Services may offer the vaccine to students through vaccine clinics in Fall semester 2021. Updated information will be posted on the Health Services website.

The Minnesota Department of Health keeps its citizens informed through their “Who’s Getting Vaccinated?” website and the “vaccine connector,” a tool that helps find out when, where, and how to get a COVID-19 vaccine.

Community vaccination sites are established in Duluth that provide vaccines to eligible individuals. 

General Questions

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I’m young and healthy, why should I get vaccinated?

In the United States, we have a long history of helping each other. If a river is flooding, everyone in the community comes to pile sandbags on the riverbank against the rising water. However, if one neighbor doesn’t sandbag their stretch of riverbank, despite the efforts made by others, everyone gets flooded through the gap.

Vaccination is the same kind of community effort. We participate to keep ourselves and each other safe. It may be our right to make a personal health decision, but the decision to not get vaccinated does affect other people—health care providers, children too young to be vaccinated, and medically vulnerable people in particular. If we are not protecting each other, we are putting each other at risk.

Why get vaccinated if you can still get sick?

We know that being vaccinated does not eliminate the chance of getting COVID-19, especially the delta variant, but it does help keep people out of hospital beds and the ICU. When hospital beds fill up, it sets in motion events that no one wants: cancer surgeries delayed, accident victims unable to access intensive care, and already exhausted health care workers pushed closer to the brink.

Can I get a booster shot?

People age 18 years and older who received Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna COVID-19 vaccines may get a booster.

Can I get the vaccine if I have an impaired immune system, autoimmune disorder, or other underlying health condition?

Probably yes! See the CDC guidelines here and/or talk to your physician.

Where can I Get the Vax?

Vaccine Approach

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Is the vaccine required for students?

Yes, students must be vaccinated for COVID-19 unless they qualify for a medical or religious belief exemption.

Is the vaccine required for all faculty and staff?

Yes. All faculty, Staff, graduate and undergraduate student workers, adjuncts, professionals in training, and postdoctoral associates must must submit proof of COVID vaccination. Fill out “Report a Vaccination or Exemption”  in the My Info tab in MyU by 11:59 p.m. December 3, 2021.

Can I ask my students/colleagues if they have been vaccinated?


Who will have access to my vaccination status?

Your personally identifiable information is private information, but may be shared with University school officials and personnel who have a need to know the information to perform their jobs including campus health and safety, legal and human resources personnel, and other individuals or entities authorized by law. In the event of a failure to complete the form, your supervisor will be notified.

How can I find out more about vaccination policy at the University?

Additional Resources

Additional information regarding vaccinations can be reviewed at the following locations:


While vaccination planning continues at the University, please reach out to [email protected] if you have questions.